Top 10 Sights


Recently, the Fort Lauderdale daily newspaper, the Sun Sentinel, publised a list to the "ten places to take out-of-town guests". It is a very useful guide to some of the best Southeast Florida attractions. To read it, click below.

We have decided to add our own comments and suggestions about places to visit:

3) Shopping section: please add Aventura Mall to this list! It is very convenient for most visitors as it is located close to the beaches and is one of the largest and nicest malls in SE Florida.

4) Windy? Rainy?: what about a good book by one of the local authors? It seems that there is no one better than Carl Hiaasen, the Miami Herald columnist and author of humorous crime novels which are set in the area. You'll love him! Also read his Herald columns (under opinions). Or what about listening to the outrageous Neil Rogers on WQAM (560 AM)? Offensive, but funny.

6) South Beach: it is crammed full in the evenings, and it is almost impossible to find parking. A better bet is to go in the morning - much less hassle and you can still have a nice breakfast at the News Cafe, one of the most popular and inexpensive restaurants there.

10) Do not forget downtown Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd. and Harrison Street. Huge changes in the last few years and good fun in the evenings with good restaurants, shopping and music.

Other: if possible, try to take in a Miami Dolphins game, even if you are not crazy about this sport. The atmosphere is good and spectators are well behaved. Incidentally, fans arrive well before the start of the game to hold mini-parties in the parking lots, bringing their own portable barbecues and cold drinks.