Miami has its fair share of spectator sports with major baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey teams. As all these sports have different seasons, you are likely to be able to catch some sort of game during your stay. Miami is also home to some other major sporting events, such as the Nasdaq-100 Tennis Open in April.

If you feel active enough to participate in some sports of your own, you are again pretty much spoilt for choice. Whether you want water sports, tennis, fishing, golf or otherwise, you'll find somewhere to do it.

Watching (Top teams):
Miami Dolphins (Pro Player Stadium, 2269 NW 199th Street)
Miami's American football team, plays September to January. Still on the staff is the famous former coach Don Shula, after whom a boulevard was named when the Dolphins won the Superbowl in 1972 in an undefeated season.

Miami Heat (Miami Arena, 721 NW First Avenue)
Local NBA basketball team, play November to April.

Florida Marlins (Pro Player Stadium, 2269 NW 199th Street)
Baseball. Play April to October. Won the World Series a few years ago with the best players in America at the time, who were bought for considerable sums of money. Unable, or unwilling, to pay their enormous wages the next season, many players left. Local fans are absolutely furious with the goings on in their team.

Florida Panthers (Miami Arena, 721 NW First Avenue)
You wouldn't expect ice hockey to be particularly popular in Florida, but it is. They play October to April.

Miami Hurricanes
Local university American football (play at Orange Bowl, and basketball teams.

Other events: (back to top)
Nasdaq-100 Tennis Open
Formerly known as the Ericsson Open, and previously as the Lipton Championships (wow, what a lot of sponsors!), this tennis tournament in late March/early April is the largest outside of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Expect all the big names to appear; the winners in 2003 were Serena Williams and Andre Agassi.

Participating: (back to top)
Too many options to write about here. However, see the local media or ask at your hotel. You may also find leaflets advertising local courts etc. You really are spoilt for choice; you can participate in almost any sport!