Hallandale is the first city you come across in Broward County as you drive north along the A1A from Miami Beach. Whilst on your way, take a look at the last Dade county city, Golden Beach which stretches for less than a mile along the A1A. It is one of the smallest cities in Florida with just over 1,000 inhabitants and houses there are in the $3-4 million bracket along the beach. There are no hotels, restaurants or public beaches there and no parking either, all to discourage visitors. There IS a beach which was public a few years ago, but now has been made available only to residents. Do not dare stop here because you'll be asked to move on by the police - also watch your speed whilst driving. All these strict rules exist because the rich residents try to protect their privacy and their homes in this beautiful enclave.

Hallandale is basically a condo city along its coastline with very few hotels, restaurants or shops. There is no reason to stay unless you know someone with an apartment. The beach is fine, but there is a better one further up the coast at Hollywood Beach. A mile or so inland from the beach, there are some major US chain stores (such as a very good Walmart!). The local mall, the Diplomat Mall, is practically dead, save a fine Jewish deli. There is also a good Jewish restaurant nearby.

You can explore the heart of the city by driving along Hallandale Beach Blvd. and the US-1 (Federal Highway), although there is nothing remarkable to be seen. Apparently, 2nd Avenue in Hallandale is a shopping mecca for cheap clothes, but we have never explored it.

To conclude, Hallandale does not have much to offer visitors.

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