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Here's a list of useful list of questions for first time travellers to the region of Hollywood Beach and South-East Florida in general! These questions refer to a particular trip that has been planned, but we think that this advice will help any travellers to the region!

Happy Holidays!

Dear Webmaster,

Thanks for helping to plan my trip to Hollywood Beach. I still have a few questions about my holiday, and was hoping that you could answer them. Many thanks!

1/ I am flying from New Orelans with American Airlines and my friends are coming from London with British Airways (both flights arrive roughly about the same time after 4 pm). Where should meet, as we do not want to get lost at Miami airport?

As you will not have to clear customs and passport control you will pass through the airport earlier than your friends. Go to the BA arrivals area in Section A of the airport building (see the Miami Airport website for more details.) and wait for them there.

2/ We have booked a car with Alamo, how do we get to the Alamo office from the Airport?

Alamo, like many other rental companies have a booth at the terminal. However, this is often unattended, particularly late in the day. In any case, follow a sign which says "Ground Transportation" (outside the ground floor of the Terminal) and you will notice car rental vans cruising by. When you see an Alamo van, raise your hand and the van will stop and take you to the Alamo depot.

3/ We do not want to get lost, the best way of driving to Hollywood Beach?

When you are existing the depot, they again ask to check your rental documents: ask this person the way for Fort Lauderdale (I think you have to turn right immediately after you will see a sign for Fort Lauderdale, so just follow the signs). For Fort Lauderdale (and Hollywood Beach) you have to take the I-95 road north: before you join this road you have to pay a toll (75 cents). Hollywood Beach is about 20 miles from the airport (30 minutes drive). When you are approaching Hollywood you will see the signds "Hallandale Blvd.", "Pembroke Road" and "Hollywood Blvd". The simplest thing would be to go to the road after Hollywood Blvd., which is Sheridan Road, then turn right and drive straight on the road (about 3 miles) when you come to the end, turn right again and the third turning on the left is Coolidge Road, where your Bougainvillea apartment is located.

4/ As we are staying in an apartment we will need some food and drinks straight away - where should we go for groceries?

Publix Supermarket on Sheridan Street is less than a mile from the from the beach and your apartment, and there is a wide choice of food and other neccesities there. There is also a small store right on the beach on the left of Coolidge Street.

5/ Next day we would like some and inexpensive breakfast/dinner - where to?

The nearest restaurant is in front of the small store on the beach, which has a bar and live music on most evenings. There are more restaurants and cafes in other direction on the beach – about a 10 minute walk. Angelo’s is very nice!

6/ What about nightlife? Are there any bars or clubs in the area?

There are at least three bars with live music on the beach, all within walking distance. For a better choice, the nearest place is in downtown Hollywood, Hollywood Blvd. and Harrison Street, which are all west of Young Circle (which is the centre of Hollywood). You will have to drive there, as it is about a mile and a half from the beach, or take the no. 4 bus. By bus (fare: $1), it might take about 10 minutes. However, the last bus runs at just after 10pm. On the other hand, taxis are inexpensive, and it should cost you no more than 10 dollars to go back to your apartment. There is also a trolley bus, costing $1, which will take you to Young Circle.The nicest places in downtown Hollywood are O’Hara's Jazz and Blues Cafe, with live music every night and which gets very busy, and The Sushi Blues Café in Harrison Street where top musicians often perform. If you would like to explore a bit further afield, there are numerous clubs on South Beach (Miami Beach), particularly on Washington Street and Lincoln Road which is two blocks away from the beach. Downtown Fort Lauderdale, about 7 miles away, is also good for entertainment.

We definitely recommend that you pick up a free copy of The New Times or City Link newspapers – they give listings of entertainment events, nights out and so on.

7/ Are there any dodgy areas that are best avoided?

Hollywood Beach is very safe, as it is an island. Areas like South Beach or Fort Lauderdale Beach are also safe because there are always a lot of people there, and it is well-policed. Avoid downtown Miami and particularly the nearby Liberty City area at night.

8/ What kind of sightseeing is there?

For Miami, you could take one of the bus sightseeing tours that cover a good deal of the sights in a short period of time, such as Duck Tours Miami which is an amphibious bus that covers both land and sea! In Fort Lauderdale, the Jungle Queen Cruise is interesting as it shows you many sights from its canals.

At your accommodation, there are numerous leaflets telling you about sights, attractions and tours that you can pick up. There are also booklets which describe places of interest and which also provide coupons for discounts on various things.

9/ And what about a bit of retail therapy?!

Aventura Mall, about 5 miles away, is an absolute gem! There are close to 300 stores, with 5 big department stores. To get to Aventura Mall, go to the A1A road, drive south past Hollywood Blvd, Hallandale Blvd, past Golden Beach (notice the very expensive houses – some costing up to $10 million!). Before you come to Lehman Causeway, there is then a sign pointing to Aventura Mall. It is about a 15 minute drive by car.

Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale, on W Sunrise Blvd., is a bit more upmarket and doesn’t have as many shops. For the mall, and for Fort Lauderdale Beach, turn into Sheridan Street, take the US1 road north, past Fort Lauderdale Airport and there is a sign saying “To The Beaches”. You will arrive in Fort Lauderdale Beach. Park in one of the side streets.

A complete must is Sawgrass Mills outlet mall, a huge shopping experience! As it is an outlet mall, many stores sell discounted clothes, goods...everthing! Apparently, Sawgrass Mills is the second most visited tourist attraction in Florida after Disney World! For Sawgrass Mills, turn into Sheridan Street, drive to the I-95 road, turn right into a north direction (for the direction of Palm Beach). Just past the Fort Lauderdale Airport is 595 Road, which you need to turn into. Follow the signs for SR 84th and drive to Flamingo Road, and turn north into it. The second major road on the left is W Sunrise Blvd. – turn into it and you see Sawgrass Mills.

10/ I’d like to buy an Ipod while I’m there. Where should I go?

There are many electronic stores where you can buy and Ipod. The best, however, is the Apple Store in Aventura Mall. They give you free advice, and there are many accessories for your Ipod also available!

We hope you find our answers useful! For more travel advice and info, we would definitely recommend taking a look at The New Times' Best of Miami.